Bandai Namco Apologizes for Elden Ring Performance Issues

Some Elden Ring players are having a rough time
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Some Elden Ring players are having a rough time
Some Elden Ring players are having a rough time.


Elden Ring received huge praise from critics. Players of the game, however, ran into some issues while playing the game and publisher Bandai Namco says it’s working on the problem.

Bandai Namco apologized Friday for the inconvenience Elden Ring players are facing, according to a post on the publisher’s website. The issues with the game include dropping of framerate and high mouse sensitivity on the PC version of the game, while the PS5 version has had trouble with saving the game if the console shuts off while playing or in rest mode.

It did offer some suggestions to help alleviate the problems. PC gamers should verify they have the latest drivers for their graphics cards. PS5 players should make sure they quit out of the game in order for it to save properly if they choose to stop playing for a long period of time.

Bandai Namco says patches to address these problems will be coming sometime in the future.

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