How to create tab groups in Safari in 4 easy steps

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Tabs. Freaking tabs. Every dang day, my internet browser is an avalanche of tabs, each page a different part of the fifteen different things my brain is working on.

But there is some good news. Your tabs don’t have to be an impossible mess. You can group together certain tabs in Safari so theres a bit of organization to the chaos. We’ve got the instructions you need to quickly and easily make tab groups below.

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1. Click the down arrow next to your sidebar icon

When you click, it should give you a few different options for grouping tabs. It should look like this.

arrow pointing to down arrow in safari

Just click the down arrow.
Credit: Mashable

2. Select “New empty tab group”

In this example, we want to group a few tabs we have open into a group called “faves.” So we select the option for “new empty tab group.” It should look like this.

arrow pointing to new empty tab group button

There’s your button.
Credit: Mashable

3. Create a new for your group and name it

A small label for your new tab group should appear on the sidebar. From there, it’ll give you the option to name the tab group. In this instance, we want to create a group of all our favorite sites, so we title it “faves.” (Not for nothing, of course you should include Mashable in your favorite sites.) It should look like this.

new tab group called "faves" circled in red

Easy enough.
Credit: Mashable

4. Select and drag tabs into the new group

You can either control click the tab or simply drag the tap into the new group. From there, you can build groups however you please. Who knows, maybe your online life will finally have a bit more order to it.

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