Meet your perfect machine match with new offerings from Intel.

Meet your perfect machine match with new offerings from Intel.
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Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly PC or a buttoned-up business machine, the latest crop of Intel-based desktop towers and all-in-ones (AIOs) offer eye-popping visuals, clever space-saving formats, and serious power.

On the value side, desktops deliver more bang for your buck on specs and an undeniably better viewing experience, so you’re not sitting hunched over a tiny laptop screen for the entire workday. When you’re shopping for a desktop, you’ve got two main avenues: an all-in-one, which bundles a monitor and tower into one sleek display unit, or a desktop tower, where you add a monitor. To meet your perfect machine match, you’ll find a wide array of innovative Intel AIOs and desktop towers on Amazon. Shop our picks below.

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All-in-ones provide a simple setup right out of the box:

Cover the basics with an essential AIO

Many AIOs have stepped up their design to be space-saving: case in point, this sleek model with a tiltable, 23.8-inch screen. It delivers a full HD-viewing experience and has 91 percent screen-to-body ratio without hogging your entire desk. Even so, the slim lines still pack the oomph of a 12th Gen Intel Core i3 processor, Intel UHD graphics and Intel wireless Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

Settle into work mode with a career essential AIO

When you’re staring down a jampacked workday, where you won’t be straying farther than a few coffee runs and a lunchbreak, this business-ready machine is a worthy laptop replacement. It has a crisp, 27-inch display for getting more done with a 12th Gen intel Core i5 processor and Intel Iris Xe graphics to distribute performance for multitasking.

Get an edge with a professional performance AIO

Love the convenience of swiping and tapping? Desktop PCs like this 27-inch bundle have touchscreens, too. Strike an easy work-life balance with the perfect interplay of a high-speed Intel Core i7 processor and impressive Intel Iris X Graphics delivering cinematic visuals. For extra bonus points, it’s sustainable and Energy Star certified.

Level up with an ultra-premium AIO 

Along with powerful CPUs and GPUs, desktops prove their mettle with hefty memory and storage. This top-shelf, touchscreen model is easy on the eyes and ears with a TV-inspired design and built-in speaker ideal for doubling as your media center. On days when you’re clocking overtime at work, there’s a setting for low blue light viewing to give your peepers some relief.

Desktop towers offer customized (and easy to upgrade) workstations:

Build your work zone with a career essential tower

Remember those desktop towers you grew up with? This one takes that classic design and gives it a compact makeover at just 12.8 inches high and 6 inches wide. It’s easy to setup, runs quietly, and has a HDMI port for adding the display of your choice. Inside, you’ve got a 12th Gen Intel Core processor and Intel UHD graphics for speed and performance.

Set up a reliable everyday work tower

For a solid family computer you can use for work and your kids can use for homework, this budget-friendly tower covers exactly what you need and even comes with a keyboard and mouse in the box. It pairs a 12th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and Intel UHD graphics for reliable performance and it can be easily upgraded if you need more memory down the line.

Save big with a ‘mini’ essential tower for under $500

Don’t underestimate the brains or brawn of this tiny wonder. If you’re limited on space, it’s small footprint can be used standing up, on its side, or even mounted on a wall. Along with a speedy Intel Core i3 processor, it can support a 4K UHD output and dual displays for snazzy business presentations or entertainment.

Get everything done with an ultra-premium tower

This high-end tower which comes bundled with a keyboard and a mouse is minimalist on the outside with streamlined design and maximalist on the inside with a lightning-fast 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and graphics optimized for 4K gaming and video-editing. Run demanding apps fast and drink in the stunning visuals of this thoroughbred workhorse.

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