PS5 Captures on PS App Feature Rolling Out

Horizon Forbidden West- Aloy in The Daunt
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Horizon Forbidden West- Aloy in The Daunt
Accessing screenshots from a PS5 can now be done via an app.

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Sony implemented capturing screenshots and video on the PS4, but the process to get these captures were tedious. A new feature rolling out Wednesday makes the process a lot simpler for PS5 owners.

PS5 captures, whether it be video or screenshots, can now be accessed via the PS App. The feature was previously available only in Japan and Canada, and now it’s available in the US with other countries coming soon after.

How to enable PS5 capture auto uploads to the PS App

Download the PS App on either the App Store or Google Play store. Sign in to your PSN account and link the app to a PS5.

Once the console is linked, go into the app and head to Library > Captures and choose Enable.

Then on your PS5, go to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Captures. Make sure Auto Upload is enabled.

Screenshots and videos three minutes or less that aren’t in 4K will then auto upload to the app after the feature has been enabled.

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