There are new tools for Google Password Manager

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If you’re terrible at making your passwords the correct strength, and then even worse at remembering them once you do, Google Password Manager just updated a lot of its services for you.

You’ve been able to use Google Password Manager’s auto-fill option on the Chrome browser, which allows the browser to remember your passwords for all the sites you visit, for some time now. And Google Password Manager has also been able to create unique, strong passwords for you online, too.

But now, the platform has been updated so you can also add passwords directly to the app, the company said in a blog post. Previously, you could only add passwords to Google Password Manager when Google prompted you to as you entered your password and are logging into a new site; now, you can manually add passwords at any time.

The update has also made the app a bit easier for Android users, who can create a shortcut on their home screen to instantly launch Google Password Manager. For iOS users, you can use your iPhone to generate passwords for your apps when you set Chrome as your default autofill provider.

According to Google’s blog post, the features were developed at the Google Safety Engineering Center, in which privacy and security experts look into all of their work. “Of course, our efforts to create a safer web are a truly global effort – from our early work on 2-step verification to our future investments in technologies like passkeys – and these updates that we are rolling out over the next months are an important part of that work,” the blog stated.

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