WhatsApp to introduce a new feature on Android previously available for iPhone users

Whatsapp facial recognition on android
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Whatsapp is working on a new feature which could help android users to unlock the application with face recognition. It will save the privacy of users even if the phone is unlocked. The application will be accessed by the user only if unlocked via facial recognition.

This new feature is rumored to be coming soon on latest android versions. However this feature was already available to iPhone users.

Fingerprint scanner is the current available option for android users.

Different mobile phone manufacturers have included facial recognition in the latest smart phone which can be used for this feature. Now it is up to facebook owned application to make use of this functionality for unlocking.

A change has been observed on the privacy page whatsapp in latest beta release. The fingerprint lock setting has been changed with biometric lock. This explains that whatsapp users will be able to use any of the unlock options including fingerprint, facial recognition and other available features.

It is still to be explained that this feature will work with all manufacturers or not. Also it is still not clear if it will be available for users in the near future or not.

We know that companies try out different options in beta release and also work on feedback from the users. So in that case adding this layer of security will be an added advantage for the android users.

We hope that this feature will be integrated soon and we will keep you updated on this topic.

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