Apple to hire machine learning scientists for detection of disease

Apple looking for Machine learning scientist
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Apple has posted a new job that shows the collaboration of software engineers and clinicians to implement disease detection, data collection, and other duties.

According to the job post, the responsibility of a machine learning scientist is to develop algorithms for the early detection of certain diseases.

“There is a tremendous opportunity to improve how people manage their health. Apple is looking for exceptional data scientists to help deliver amazing experiences that will address this need in meaningful ways” 

The job is not only related to the detection of disease. It also involves cleansing data and managing large-scale data sets mentioned by health care news. Scientists can analyze these sets of information to detect the disease.

“Finally, you will design and develop ML models with the goal of deploying these models onto the mobile device”

“At Apple, great ideas have a way of becoming great products, services, and customer experiences very quickly,” the job posting reads.

“If you are a self-motivated, accountable, and upbeat individual who is not afraid of challenges, we are looking for you”  

The current trend shows a great advancement in technology and a rapid shift to utilizing technology in improving the processes.

This can help not only in detecting the diseases. But also in finding the best solution using machine learning and analyzing the data.

Apple helping healthcare

Apple has not shared any insight about the data source for its machine learning work. Also, it is unknown how this data will be used but the health tracking features on Apple devices could help healthcare in the future.

Earlier Researchers at Mount Sinai found that the Apple Watch can detect subtle changes in an individual’s heartbeat. It can be an indication that an individual has the coronavirus, up to seven days before they feel sick or infection is detected through testing. 

Apple did not share any further insights into this news. However, we are hopeful that it will benefit healthcare in the future.

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