A bracelet that controls the computer with your brain? New Facebook innovation

Facebook bracelet that controls computer from your brain
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While Apple is working on a ring for augmented reality, Facebook is working on a bracelet that can identify the signals from the brain to control computers. It can move any digital object by just thinking of it.

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Concept behind facebook bracelet

At first, we assumed this technology will read the signals of our brain which can be dangerous but facebook clarified it will only detect electric signals to the arm, which muscles receives and execute accordingly.

Brain sends signals to your hands and fingers telling them to move in specific ways in order to perform actions like typing and swiping. This is about decoding those signals at the wrist — the actions you’ve already decided to perform — and translating them into digital commands for your device.” — says Mike Schroepfer, Facebook CTO.

Video by Facebook Reality Labs

How does facebook bracelet work? 

Facebook bracelet is a kind of solid iPod on your wrist. It has sensors that can detect your intended movements. Detection of these signals is possible thanks to EMG technology. It detects these signals to the human arm through the electrical activity of the nervous system, translates them into digital commands, and hence enriches augmented reality experiences.

With this device, humans can use their hands to touch objects that do not exist. We wonder how many new possibilities this idea will bring into augmented reality.

Why the wrist?

Why the wrist when there are many other input sources available. Other sources come with few drawbacks like voice which is not reliable due to background noise and in-pocket devices like mobile adds a layer of friction between you and your environment.

Input device on the wrist seems the best option. The wrist is a traditional place to wear a watch and also a comfortable location for all-day wear. It’s also close to the hands which is the primary organ for performing activities. Thus this wrist-based device would allow great control capabilities of your hands into AR, enabling intuitive, powerful, and satisfying interaction.

Release dates?

Facebook has confirmed they are working on this device but there is no confirmation on applicability and release dates. It is still in the research and development phase.

Facebook claims that it understands the “ethical and privacy issues” involved in developing this kind of technology.

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