Measure normal sugar level with Hela Bio smartwatch

Normal Sugar Level
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Measuring normal sugar level is very important for sugar patients. Have you ever wondered if there can be a pain-free solution to check blood glucose levels?

Hela Bio is reportedly working on a smartwatch that can measure your blood glucose levels. It also has other features a normal smartwatch provides, like heart rate monitoring and a pedometer. People are really interested in the concept and raised US$200,000 in crowdfunding at indiegogo.

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Pain-free method to check normal sugar level?

It is very important for patients to diagnose low sugar symptoms, high blood sugar symptoms, and start continuous glucose monitoring. Normally patients need to check fasting sugar level, random sugar level which is a daily process. This smartwatch can help the patients to check sugar normal range without any pain.

People have also given negative reviews against the concept of this smartwatch but still, it has managed to gain popularity.

How Hela Bio calculates normal sugar level?

The main idea behind the Hela Bio watch is to read glucose levels from sweat. The manufacturer claims that it will be a 100% pain-free process of measuring glucose levels. Imagine the advantages this watch can bring to the life of sugar patients.

Cost comparison

The price for replaceable glucose sensors is also cheap. The pack of six sensors is only priced at US$78 and each sensor lasts 14 days. It means that we only need five packs for a whole year. The smartwatch can also monitor sleep, heart rate, and blood pressure. There is a GPS module as well but it’s not fully waterproof.

The company has promised two versions of the smartwatch. The only difference is the wireless charging feature in the Pro version.

Final words

The accuracy of the smartwatch still needs to be verified and also the authenticity of the company is very important for such a medical device. The concept is very attractive but new at the same time which requires extensive testing for accurate results.

The company is still working on the finalization of this project and then delivery to the backers will start. We hope it is delivered soon to verify this innovative smartwatch.

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