Free online course on Machine Learning by MIT

Machine Learning
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It is very important for students to learn the skills in demand. Machine Learning (ML) is no doubt one the most popular topic amongst the I.T professionals and young students.

Learning from top institutes is a dream of every student. MIT has launched a free 13 week course on Machine Learning. The MIT which is one of the top community; making a better world through education, research and innovation.

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About This Course

This course will help students and I.T professionals in learning future technologies and new architectures. Participants can access the course through its open learning library portal. The course covers all the concepts, and problems for improving the skills and knowledge.

Course Title

Introduction to Machine Learning

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the formulation of well-specified machine learning problems
  • Learn how to perform supervised and reinforcement learning, with images and temporal sequences.

Course Format

This course includes lectures, lecture notes, exercises, labs, and homework problems.


Computer programming (python); Calculus; Linear Algebra

How to register

The interested students can visit the official website through this link register for the course and click on Enroll to get started button. Submit the form with correct information and wait for the email from MIT after selection.

So what are you waiting for?

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