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If you spend hours building PowerPoint decks, this new Microsoft Word feature could be a life-saver.

A very useful function is now available in Microsoft Word that allows you to convert text documents into PowerPoint presentations. It only takes literally one click to convert the document.

But it is still in the beta version of Office 365, which is expected to roll out soon in the next release.

Are you waiting for this feature?

Reportedly, Microsoft is rolling out a new feature “Transform

This feature allows Microsoft Word users to turn a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation however, It will be available to members of the company’s early users.

The new Transform option is part of the Microsoft Word web client. Hence It is available under the File > Transform menu.

When you select the feature, it will prompt the user to pick out a visual style to apply to the presentation.

It generates a preview in PowerPoint and saves the presentation file into your OneDrive.

According to Mohit Anand, who is a project manager working with Microsoft said:

We only support text content for the transformation to the presentation so the other media content support is not currently available. You can add your own media to the presentation after you have transformed your Word document.”

The feature which relies on AI will be available to all users in the future but it is only available to the Insiders program participants for now.

The development comes as part of Microsoft’s initiatives to incorporate AI into its applications and services, including Microsoft Office.

Transform Microsoft word to Powerpoint:

  1. Open required document to convert into a powerpoint presentation in Word for the web. 
  2. Click File > Transform > Transform to PowerPoint presentation
  3. When prompted for selection, choose a design theme for your presentation.
  4. Click Open presentation so you can preview the results in PowerPoint for the web. 
  5. It saves the presentation in the OneDrive root folder of the user.
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