Facebook on route to win the battle of cloud gaming

Facebook cloud gaming
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Cloud gaming helps us to play games without using battery and space of our device. Many Big tech firms claims they have huge capability to add this feature but they didn’t do so.

Vice President of Facebook Jason Robin announced in (27th Oct, 2020) blog rocky launch that Facebook is starting cloud gaming without any special monthly subscription as other applications are doing. These all will be free of cost and you can play on existing versions of your mobile or any other device.

Facebook will compete its competitors in this category because all other companies are too much expensive in this area. People are feeling comfortable cloud gaming because there is no need to download it on your device and same like you are listening music online.

Tech is as reliable as costly because for playing cloud hosted games user is depending on good internet connection. Big tech firm’s prediction is “Cloud will be the future of gaming”.  

For Facebook, cloud gaming will be more beneficial because more time user will spend on video games, more time they will spend on Facebook. As Facebook is already earning from Ads and from other features. It doesn’t mean Facebook will generate revenue from it.

Microsoft, Google and Amazon are already offering monthly cloud gaming subscriptions, but it is expensive for users. Microsoft Stadia’s monthly subscription cost is 15$, Google xCloud cost is 10$ and Amazon’s Luna service cost is 6$. Cheap, low cost and user friendly games will be excellent opportunity for Facebook and competitors.

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