Kohler’s PerfectFill drain kit auto draws a bath to your exact specs for temperature and depth

A digital interface mounted on a bathroom wall shows the PerfectFill system.
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Ever wish you were a nobleman in ye olden times and had a servant to draw you a bath? Me neither! But that’s the level of excess we’re talkin’ for some new bathtub tech.

Ahead of CES, Kohler debuted a new smart home product called PerfectFill Smart Bathing Technology on Monday. PerfectFill is a “drain kit system” that lets you pre-set a bath to your ideal temperature and depth. You can start automatically filling the bath to those specs using a voice command or via the Kohler Konnect app. That would come pretty handy if you were on your way home from a stressful day at work and wanted a nice warm bath just waiting for you.

The system consists of the PerfectFill drain kit and the PerfectFill overflow and digital valve/controller. You’ll also, of course, need a Kohler bath and spout to make this futuristic tub a reality in your home. The starting price for just the PerfectFill products is $2,700, but can be more depending on finishes and designs.

But is it worth it? If you’re rich, sure, why not?! Finding the exact correct temperature for a bath is always an annoying little song and dance, so if you can find a temp you like and stick to it, by all means. Plus, you can have up to ten presets for bathing temperature and depth, so that could be helpful if you have kids to bathe, too.

A digital interface mounted on a bathroom wall shows the PerfectFill system.

The Kohler PerfectFill bathtub interface lets you program your ideal temperature and depth in up to ten pre-sets.
Credit: Kohler

Kohler first announced the PerfectFill system as a concept back in 2018. But Monday’s announcement concerns an honest-to-goodness product people will be able to buy, and Kohler says it differs from the original concept.

“The current version of PerfectFill has been completely overhauled from the early concept edition that was shown at CES years ago,” a Kohler spokesperson said via email. “From design, to the app interface, to water delivery into the tub, the entire process has been rebuilt to produce a product that is easy to use and readily accessible.”

Customers can place orders in October 2022. That said, Kohler did not provide details about when you’d actually get that smart tub into your home. 

But there are Kohler bath products even more luxe than this to satisfy those who are filthy rich, and, well, filthy. Last year, Kohler showed off the concept for a plunge bath with an estimated price of $16,000 that came with infinity edges, fog, and calming lights. Called the Stillness Bath, a version of that fine piece of porcelain is also debuting as the real deal in early 2022 for $8,000. But you’ll have to wait for Q3 2022 for a smart version equipped with PerfectFill, for which Kohler hasn’t announced the price.

If a PerfectFill bath was really smart, it would at least come with a bubble bath valve, ya know?! What, are we expected to just bathe in regular, bubble-free water, even if it is a perfect fill? Sigh, you just can’t get good help these days.

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