New way tested by Apple to unlock faceID in iPhone

Apple FaceID
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Apple (AAPL)  is testing new iOS software that will allow people to unlock their iPhone’s face recognition security tool, Face ID, if they also happen to be wearing an Apple Watch.

Currently, Face ID recognizes when someone is wearing a mask and triggers the passcode entry screen to appear. (An update Apple started testing in may)

 Latest update, which is part of a developer beta test likely to roll out broadly soon.

It will allow communication with iphone and a synced Apple Watch when raised close to the face.

Apple watch

How to unlock

The users will need to go to “settings” and then to “Face ID & Passcode”

After that the apple will Authenticate if it is the same person wearing the watch and phone and if it an actual user of that iPhone.

After the Authentication is completed the devices must be close in proximity the iphone will automatically unlock and the apple watch will vibrate.

Apple also said: “Your Apple Watch must be nearby, on your wrist, unlocked, and protected by a passcode.”

“iPhone can use your Apple Watch to unlock when Face ID detects a face with a mask,” Apple said.

Apple face detection

This is the second update that Apple has introduced to address changing consumer needs during the pandemic.

Last spring, the tech giant released iOS 13.5 and made it easier to skip the Face ID prompt while wearing a mask by automatically displaying the passcode entry screen.

The latest version of iOS 14.5 is currently being beta tested by the public.

New features by Apple coming soon

 While Apple’s latest mobile operating system launched in September.

The company continually releases updates to fix bugs or introduce new features.

Also due later this spring, Apple is expected to introduce a new requirements  for users to give explicit permission for apps to track them across the internet.

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