Schedule your smart lights with Google Assistant

Google Assistant
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Use the smart assistant’s ‘scheduled action’ feature, but be aware there are a few quirks

Have you every wanted to schedule your smart lights?

A new feature to be introduced to schedule smart lights and other smart devices to turn off and on at a given schedule. This feature can be found as “scheduled actions” in Google Assistant according to Android Police.

Previously we were able to switch the smart lights on and off using Google Assistant but now we can easily schedule the time of switching the lights. This feature can be very useful in daily home routine.

According to The Verge you need to mention the name of the day in order to set the schedule in advance. Normally we only say “Hey Google” to open Google Assistant and then say “turn the lights on tomorrow at 10PM” to get it working but this feature requires to be very specific. You will need to say “Hey Google, turn on the lights Thursday at 10PM.”

Schedules can be set for a time duration, like we can say “Hey Google, turn on the lights for 15 minutes”. Also we can set the schedule by “sunrise” and “sunset” times.

It is reported that the feature is still in progress however we are anxiously waiting for this handy feature.

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