WhatsApp scam alert for users – Learn how to protect your phone from hacking

Whatsapp scam alert
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The hackers are trying to pose as real contacts on Whatsapp to hack your phone so this scam alert intends to protect the readers from such incidents. This scam spreads from one hacked device to its contacts so you can provide the required code without any hesitation.

There have been many scams in the past and the hackers are always trying to get into the personal details of the users. In the recent scam, users receive an SMS with a code from WhatsApp. After that, you receive a message from one of your own friends asking for the code received in SMS.

Actually, the device of your friend had already been hacked and you tend to trust and share the code with them since you are totally unaware of the situation. You receive some kind of message from your friend as given below:

Hello, sorry I sent you a 6-digit code by SMS by mistake, Can you transfer it to me please? It’s urgent.

Technology expert Mr. Alexis Conran has shared the scam details on his Twitter. He has warned the users to be very careful and don’t fall into this ugly trick.

Scam alert details

  • You receive an sms with a six digit code from whatsapp.
  • You receive a message from one of your friends in the contact list, asking for the code you received.
  • Actually your friend’s phone had already been hacked and the hackers are now trying to scam all of the friends in contact list just like you.
  • The code in the sms is sent to setup your whatsapp account of any other device.
  • If you provide the code, the hacker will use it to activate whatsapp on other device and hack your account.
  • They will continue the same process with your contact list and hack as many they like.

How to protect yourself

  • Do not click on any unknown link especially the one shared above.
  • Do not share any code with anyone. Whether its a message from your friend or anyone else.
  • Always call or sms your friend to confirm the situation. Do not message on whatsapp unless you are sure of the situation.
  • Setup 2-step authentication on your mobile. It will protect from hacking attempts.

Whatsapp users have increased rapidly after the pandemic hit most parts of the world and people started work from home. The hackers are finding new ways to scam users. It is our responsibility to make everyone aware and provide the details to protect their account.

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