Whatsapp for PC launches Voice and video calling feature for Desktop app

Whatsapp Desktop application
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Whatsapp for PC launches voice and video calling feature. It is one of the most popular applications, and recent upgrade to the desktop application version includes this features.

This feature will allow the users to better communicate from their desktop as well. It is currently supported on Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 or newer and macOS 10.13 or newer.

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Whatsapp announced this update along with link to download on twitter “Sometimes you just need a little more space. Secure and reliable, end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls are now available on our desktop app.”

Whatsapp also cleared that “Voice and video calls on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, so WhatsApp can’t hear or see them, whether you call from your phone or your computer. We’re starting with one-to-one calls on the WhatsApp desktop app so we make sure we can give you a reliable and high-quality experience. We will be expanding this feature to include group voice and video calls in the future”

Users have shown great interest in this new feature and already started downloading the application. This feature is very useful for people sitting on their desktops most of the time.

It will improve the office dealings and communication with customers, also many people find it easy to communicate on their desktop.

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Download link for Whatsapp for PC:


Supported operating systems:

Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 or newer and macOS 10.13 or newer


To use the new video calling feature, you will have to set up the WhatsApp for PC on supported version of windows or mac. Also, you must already have a WhatsApp user on mobile.

After installing the application on your computer, you need to scan a QR code to log in on the desktop app. Once completed the user will be able to communicate through the desktop application.

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