Easy steps to protect the privacy and security of your WhatsApp account

Whatsapp account security
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Here are some steps you can take to ensure the privacy and security of your WhatsApp account. Ensure that chats are end to end encrypted and information remains protected without any hacker breaching your protection and privateness on the application.

These are very important tips however, most users ignore these due to less awareness on this topic.

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Verify end-to-end encryption

While your chats are already encrypted by default, you must always check and ensure that encryption is enabled when sharing any credentials like debit/credit cards or any kind of banking information.

To verify and check the encryption, open the chat window of any contact. Click on the contact’s name, and then tap on Encryption.

You will see a QR Code with a 40-digit lengthy code that is your safety code. Verify the encryption by pressing the Scan Code button or by means of comparing the digits manually. QR code will show that end-to-end encryption is enabled.

Switch on safety notifications

When an existing chat is accessed on a brand new smartphone or PC, a new security code is generated. If you need to acquire a notification whenever there is a change in security code, then you may allow it from the settings.

In this manner, you can enable notifications on every safety code modification whenever the smartphone has been changed. and also make sure that only you have the access to the chats.

To enable the security notifications for chats, simply open WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Security > Show protection notifications and enable this feature. Once you enable it, you will get a notification whenever any of your contacts changes his/her smartphone.

Enable Two-step verification

Two-step verification is supported and endorsed in WhatsApp and once enabled, would require a PIN before your cellphone number could be registered with WhatsApp.

Go to Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable, put the six-digit PIN Code. You can also add a recovery email in case you forget about the PIN Code.

Control privacy settings

You can control the privacy of your account such that, you can allow Profile Photo and other information to be seen by everyone or only your contacts in order to protect it from unknown users.

Other privacy settings consist of Last Seen, About, Live Location,, status, groups, and the Read Receipts. It is up to you whether you want everyone to view anything about you or not.

Turn off iCloud / Google Drive Backups

WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption enabled, however it offers users the option to backup their chats on Google Drive, iCloud, or no online backup.

Backing up the chats may be crucial especially if you turn phones or reinstall the app. However, this backup is not encrypted.

Hackers can snatch your data by getting into these unencrypted backups.

Fingerprint Lock

If you need to take your security and safety of WhatsApp to the next level, then you could enable the Fingerprint lock. This lock, whilst enabled, will require you to apply your fingerprint to open the application. But, You will nevertheless be able to answer calls even if WhatsApp is locked.

This is a protection feature that if someone manages to get into your cellphone even if it is unlocked, he cannot open WhatsApp without your fingerprint.

Don’t Get Scammed

Scams are very usual on WhatsApp and you may acquire to delete messages periodically.

There are many scams but most commonly about WhatsApp Premium or Gold or Your Account is Expiring. All of these scams are designed to extract cash from the users but you need to keep in mind that WhatsApp is absolutely free. Also, you don’t need to pay cash for the software.

The utility is totally free of cost and, all people asking you to pay are probably scamming you.

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