A new Facebook feature – Animated BTS character

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Big Hit Entertainment firm formed some animated characters after inspiration from TinyTAN members. TinyTAN is a Korean name. Every TinyTAN character has the same personality as their real life but in TinyTAN universe they followed some unique story.


Facebook has started partnership with TinyTAN for BTS. On Facebook messenger and Instagram’s private message experience now TinyTAN will be available.

Any user can apply for TinyTAN chat theme and background to travel in TinyTAN universe. This feature includes bedroom, a café and user can find all seven characters. When user will be on video call with other users, these bedrooms can be set up and user can recognize AR bedroom and café background from video.

Few months ago TintTAN introduce their self with an BTS Mic Drop and after sharing variety of animated clips, their Twitter account reached on more than one million followers.

TinyTAN joined a platform with its own stickers on Facebook Messenger. Every TinyTAN member having two stickers and two group sticker. These stickers are free of cost for user.  

Big Hit has already released BTS related chatroom stickers for other messenger platforms. But now Facebook is releasing this feature for their users.

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