Analytics and decision-making are Top skills for Digital Transformation

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Analytics is a top priority for businesses to focus on key areas. Global Pandemic allowed businesses to think out of the box. Focus has shifted to innovation and finding the solutions through valuable skills.

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Effect of pandemic

Covid-19 has changed the way people used to work. A lot of companies switched to remote working partially or even completely. The impact is so significant that many companies might keep the remote work opportunities open even after the pandemic.

The style of meetings have changed from physical to virtual over tools like zoom, google meet, Microsoft Teams. Remote troubleshooting services are in demand and many companies are shifting to cloud services to handle business requirements remotely.

Analytics and decision making, top-rated skills

There has been a buzz about digital transformation. In a study by Cognizant thousands of business professionals from USA and Canada, shared the key factors driving the companies to adopt it.

The report gives an insight on how to tackle the challenges during the pandemic situation. It is noted that most important skills are analytics and decision making to execute a strategic plan.

Traditional businesses will be destroyed by the pandemic, reported by 49% of the surveyed professionals. Also the skills which are driving the business in the future will be analytics and decision making, reported by 59%.

It is amazing to see so many businesses adopting the new technologies and striving for digital transformation.

Euan Davis, the associate vice president at Cognizant Technology Solutions, said in an interview, “Every business has taken a huge leap with how they work and their systems operate,” Davis said. “So something as simple as the interface into your local store, or how you are booking an appointment with your doctor, or how we are beginning to educate our kids, all those things are changing more quickly than we imagined they would before the virus.” 

Final thoughts

It is indeed a good sign that businesses are utilizing technology to automate, simplify their processes, removing the communication gap and enhancing the capabilities.

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